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Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding is one of the world’s recent and fastest growing recreational water sports, ideal for any age or fitness level. Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is healthy, easy to learn and great fun.

Fun with great side effects: SUP is also a great body workout on the water. Body tension results in the necessary balance and the paddle strokes train the arm, breast, belly and back muscular system. Paddling helps strengthening your shoulders and arms, especially the triceps. The body posture on the board builds a tension from your feet ankles to your neck – this helps working out the abdominals. The balancing supports the legs and the intrinsic muscles of the torso, therefore SUP is also good for people with back problems.

But of course, SUP is not all you can do with the new boards! Most new SUP boards offer a crossover function: when there is little wind, just do your SUPing and enjoy. When the wind picks up however, mount your sail and off you go – they are perfect windsurfing boards at the same time.

Many stand up paddle boards are designed including the windsurf option. You'll know that they are windsurfer SUP crossovers because you'll see a mast base insert ( around the centre of the deck.

The beauty of sailing on a SUP board is the extra buoyancy and forgiveness a SUP board offers. The larger size SUPs (above 170 ltr depending on weight of rider) are great for learning and light wind sailing on flat water. The medium size boards (between 130 and 170 litre depending on weight of the rider) are great for sailing in waves in light to moderate winds. The smaller site SUPs (below 130 litre) are great in waves, in moderate to higher winds. Footstraps are not necessary on the medium to larger boards. Some SUP boards do come with footstraps supplied. Footstraps however can be fitted to any board if requested.






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